Is Everything a D#$% Race?

Dryland-Tip-How-to-Improve-Ankle-Flexibility-for-SwimmersYep, that’s the question.  So, I go to the pool every morning and get some laps in.  I have a small group of fellow swimmers, mostly triathletes, who also swim at the same time, and we do workouts together.  (We are all in our 40’s & 50’s by the way.) We love it when we get “new blood” to join us – because it mixes it up, and half of the reason we swim is probably a social thing.  About a week ago, a young man, about 23 years old, recent college swimmer for Florida State (read: FAST) decided that he would come out of retirement & start swimming with us, so he could continue to eat the way he likes to eat (a LOT).  I think he thinks he’s Michael Phelps!!  Seriously – he even races his way through the warm up!  He kicks like a fiend, hits the wall after each set sounding like he’s seriously out of breath, and the rest of us are wondering, why are you swimming with our group?  I mean, really?  We are all at least 20 years older than him, and much slower, so wouldn’t he be better served by working out with people closer to his own speed?

I was feeling seriously demoralized yesterday morning.  I hadn’t realized how much harder he was working than the rest of us until yesterday, as he had been a couple of lanes over.  It really messed up my mojo.

You would think at my age, that I would have learned by now to stop comparing myself to others – to compare myself only to my previous accomplishments – and the clock.  But I don’t.

Actually, I think that is part of being a competitive person.  We want to win – thus we compare our speed or performance to those around us – that’s actually how we measure our improvements as well. What we don’t need to be doing, is beating ourselves with a stick if we fall short. Someone said “A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”

So, I’m going to try to make myself “bloom” more.  Because I’m bloomin’ slow!!



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